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The Friends-Only Post [Dec. 31st, 2037|11:59 pm]
I've been friends-only posting for a while now, so I figured I might as well post something to my journal indicating as such.

(Leave a comment to be added, etc.)
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BRB [Jun. 6th, 2009|11:40 pm]

Moved to @damncabbage a long while ago. Whoops.
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Life Update [Mar. 13th, 2009|06:41 pm]
Long time, no post. About time for a dot-point list.

  • Not dead, yet.

  • More hanging around with dev_kimiko, who is awesome and wonderful, is really damn talented, kicks arses and takes names, and doesn't afraid of anything.

  • Still helping to run an Anime Convention with a bunch of really cool folks. Life-sucking, but still lots of fun. :D

  • Took up fire-twirling. Then dropped it. Now trying to pick it up again.

  • Moved from the shoebox Ultimo, back to an apartment in Newcamperdowntown (close enough). Living without a bunch of flatmates, whee! :D

    Still missing a couch, still too many boxes to sort out.

  • Still at Yahoo!7; small-cog-in-a-big-company syndrome (as is bound to happen), but I've got a (technologically-speaking, anyway) interesting project to work on and to love and to call George. Just waiting to see if I can pull it off before deadlines hit... :-|

  • On, like, Twitter and shizz. I wear Threadless shirts, just bought a pair of Converse chucks, and now this. Oh god.

  • Fell in love with Muse (again), and Glen Hansard / Marketa Irglova.

  • Not doing medieval beat-people-with-swords thing much at all. Oops. Sorry guys. :-|

  • New Year's Party was Awesome.

  • </list>

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All-Nighters </3, The Sequel [May. 16th, 2008|04:49 am]
[Current Mood |determinedalert]
[Current Music |Linkin Park - Annoys me into alertness. That, and it's tradition.]

Here we go again. :)

Well, the M&Ms method didn't work. I went nowhere really quickly, spinning my wheels until I ended up burning out at 9am. Gah.

This time around I've tried an initial sugar hit to get me over the 1-2am hump, and then gone the rest of the distance with apple & guava juice, and a tealight-sized sandalwood candle burning on a little piece of wood on my desk for the scent, and for something to look at when zoning out.

This is of course having no real effect, but if I think it is, then it's served its purpose. XD I'm still awake and making progress at any rate.

Oh, and after a number of bad experiences this week I'm pretty sure I'm lactose intolerant. Yhey. :|

(Edit: Linkin Park and "tradition" - back in the InsanityManga days, Aya and I would put on a bunch of their tracks on random while she drew manga and I coded the website. It's become habit since then, but I've branched out into Avril Lavigne for sheer keep-you-on-the-edge-of-your-seat annoyance factor.

... Hey, every song sounds mostly the same, meaning I can keep playing the same sort of music for most of the evening without repeating a song more than a couple of times.)
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Any PoT / Puriten Fans? [May. 4th, 2008|01:32 am]

You know Hidenobu Kiuchi, that Oshitari guy from Prince of Tennis?

He's, uh, coming to SMASH in August. Just in case you wanted to know, umm.
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oh hi moving house [Mar. 2nd, 2008|03:18 pm]
[Current Mood |aggravatedaggravated]

Oh boy, it's been a bit of a shit end to the week. (Late-night party interlude notwithstanding.)

I'd gotten a place lined up with Matt / Marauder and his girl Louise, great place, within my budget, etc, and I was going to go start the settling-in process on Saturday morning. Friday night rolls around, and I get an SMS from Matt at half past twelve telling me that the deal is off, and that I'm not able to move in with him anymore. Fucking hell, thanks for the warning.

From then on, my life has (again) turned into a frantic search for a places to live in. I swear there's a total of about 15 places in the entirety of the city (ie. not Parramatta or Emu Plains) that are actually available for rent; it feels like I'm going to end up moving into the "MEAT MEAT MEAT" place at this rate. Most people I've tried ringing aren't picking up the phone, and don't even seem to have answering machines.

Looking for a place to stay is like a fucking full-time job. I see notices posted up on the telegraph poles dotted around the area, take a number, and come back in ten minutes to find someone's already come along and swiped the rest of the them. People I call up and actually manage to get through to quote figures far in excess of what's written on the posters, and offer "So sorry you have wrong number *Click*" by way of response when I call them out on it. ARGH. Farking charge-as-much-as-the-market-can-tolerate shtick.

Staying at my own place really isn't an option; come March 14th the lease is going to be "renegotiated" (ie. the poor bastards who are moving in are going to pay an even higher rent than what we're paying at the moment, for what's pretty much a falling-down shack of a place). My fallback plan is staying at my parent's place in Warriewood (in the Northern Beaches, way north of the bridge), but moving back there means I'm going to lose whatever tenuous edge I have at the moment of being in the city and inner suburbs all the time (that is, being around to spot more notices, and being able to get to a potential place as soon as it is advertised), making finding a place even more difficult. Gah.

Anyway, leaving day is fast approaching at 12 days and counting. Oh fucking fuck fuck. Fuck fuck fuck. (Fuck.)


Edit: AAAAARGH. A new posting on realestate.com.au goes up, and in the space of half an hour they've already got a full queue of people waiting to see the place.
People must be doing nothing but farking camping the damn real estate sites. How the hell are people with jobs or uni supposed to find a damn place to live? D: D:

Edit #2: An accurate depiction of how I feel about the situation, courtesy of Nadia.Collapse )
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Time to GTFO. [Feb. 17th, 2008|09:05 pm]

The carnival is over for the little bunch of people at my house at Cavendish. Andrew's recently elected to move out, prompting Matt to do so as well. I don't particularly feel like hanging around either, the bathroom and kitchen are utter crap, everything still leaks like a sieve, the place is gradually falling apart, and I'm terminally embarrassed to invite anyone over. :\

Anyway, that means I'm on the look-out for sharehouses and such vaguely near the city. Time to hit realestate.com.au and housemates.com.au (and the streets for those little adverts). Edit: And gumtree.com.au - thanks Jez.

So, if anyone knows of any friends looking for housemates, etc, mind dropping me a comment? :D
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Incoming SPAAAM (sorry non-Sydney-ites). [Jan. 28th, 2008|11:37 pm]


After eighteen and a half years, the Rocky Horror Picture Show is finally leaving George St, and to celebrate, we're throwing one last awesome blow-out show. :D

The show's a loud, raucous, late-night dance-, sing- and shout-a-long, performed a by a comically amateuristic and out of tune seasoned cast of hundreds tens, including a whole bunch of old cast members in the audience jeering and shouting along when we forget our lines. Come along, it'll be fun. XD

Anyway, the details:

Where: George St Cinema Complex, Sydney.
When: Midnight, Friday Feb 1st. Doors open 11:15pm 11pm and the pre-show fun begins!

We urge anyone who has ever come along and enjoyed the show over the years to come along and join the party! And if you've never experienced the show, this is the perfect chance to come along and check out what everyone's been raving on about all these years. :D

Hope to see you there.
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(no subject) [Nov. 17th, 2007|03:28 am]

Mmm, cheesecake.
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Ack. (More spam. Last one, promise.) [Oct. 18th, 2007|01:41 pm]
[Tags|, , ]

If anyone was thinking of booking tickets for the Saturday Matinee of RENT, I'd advise you hold your horses:

In case it interests anyone, it turns out they've introduced a, uh, special offer for the 2pm Saturday Matinee - show up to the ticketbooth and moo, and you can get two tickets for the cost of one (basically, $40 for two tickets).

Yes, I'm serious about the mooing. (I'm not kidding, Justin, promise.)
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